Community Foodie at Feastival

Community Foodie at Feastival

28-29 September we will be at the Bridgend Food Festival – Feastival – read below to find out more about the festival from their website

The visitor to Feastival can expect amazing foodie entertainment and unusual food experiences.

Want to see the fun we had last year check out the video on the contact us page or have a laugh at the images on the See It page.

An event for all the family with lots of foodie stuff for the kids, including wrapping an egg in protective packaging for a 10 metre drop, the egg that survives wins a prize for its packager, Food of course. Get hands on and help make giant cakes and

sandwiches from art materials for the Giants Tea Party.

See Punch and Judy perform in the kids area on Saturday, the sausages and frying pans fly so watch out children.

Lots of tastings for the adults and opportunities to buy locally sourced foods from street stalls. Colin Presdee from Cardigan Fine Foods will demonstrate fish preparation, brown crab, sea bass and scallops.

The streets of the town come alive with Food see a bunch of grapes on stilts, perhaps if you are lucky you will get to taste some as well, you also need to watch out for a hula hooping carrot around the next corner and animals performing acrobatics up high, try this out for yourself.

On many street corners you will find musicians to entertain you while you try out different styles of food.

Lets not forget the center piece of our feastival, in 2010 it was the 10ft Cauliflower Sheep, in 2011 the leaning tower of Pizza, this year we have a 6ft Orange utan swinging through the trees in Dunraven Place trying to get to the cauliflower trees, keep an eye out for our tweets and posts on facebook.

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