Treoes Community Growing Plots

Treoes Community Growing Plots

Treoes Community Council approached Community Foodie with a plan to transform a disused tennis court area in the village into growing plots for keen growers in the village.  Not only had they found the land, they had also canvassed the local area to identify keen growers and also applied for planning permission for change of use of the site.

So with the help of Community Foodie a plan has been draw up, links with local landscapers made and application for funding made.

Site Plans

In addition to significantly improving this site from its current state there is a strong emphasis on helping to develop greater community cohesion in the area. This will be achieved by by bringing members of the community together to grow food. The proposal for the site is to develop a range of growing plots for all skill levels and abilities, beds for the disabled or those with restricted mobility as well as a community gathering area that can be used for hosting growing workshops and food based events.

This development will also help to benefit the local environment as currently the site is overgrown and subject to dog fouling, fly tipping and is often used as a dumping area.The project also aims to positively impact upon Biodiversity. Initial measures have already been taken to ensure habitats have not been adversely affected by carrying out hedge laying prior to the bird nesting season. Within the proposed site there will also be range of beneficial plant species such as Lavender and flowering fruit trees and shrubs as well as bird boxes.
The project in full swing

The project is now in full swing and the community has really embraced this new food growing project. So much so that is has been affectionately nick named Treoes Reunited.

The community growing site has had a really positive impact on our village. It has not only turned a disused piece of land into a thriving community growing site it has also brought people together, earning it the nick name Treoes reunited . Julia Lloyd, Treoes

Key Foodie support included;

  • Worked with community council to identify growing style and site plan
  • Worked with members of the community to raise awareness
  • Helped to bring members of the community together to form a steering group
  • Helped to lever in external funds
  • Financially supported the project


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